Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to repair my gadget?

Local customers can get their gadgets fixed at our retail locations. We offer local repair services and can fix most devices in under an hour. Although no appointment is necessary, scheduling an appointment ensures that your device gets repaired in a timely manner. If we do not have your part in stock then it may take several days to get it special ordered. We would still perform the repair the same day the part arrives.

*water damaged devices may take longer than 24 hours to repair.  Please read our water damaged device information.

I’m not sure what is wrong with my device. What should I do?

All of our devices are evaluated prior to being repaired.  If you are not sure what is wrong with your device, we offer a FREE Diagnostics Service.  Once we find the problem with your device we will contact you immediately for approval to proceed with the repair.

I tried to repair my device and now can’t put it back together. Can you help?

No problem! Please contact us with details and the extent of the damage.  We would be happy to get your device back on the right track.

My device has several damaged components. Do you offer any bundle discounts?

Yes, we do! The discounts vary depending on the combination required to repair the device. Please contact us for further details.

I already have the part needed for the repair. Can you install it for me?

Unfortunately, we have seen too many replacement parts that do not meet our high-quality standards.  Because of this we only use parts that we source ourselves.

What type of parts do you use in your repairs?

Since Apple and other manufacturers do not sell their replacement parts to third-party companies like iRepair Solutions, we use third-party replacement parts in all of our repairs. These parts come fully tested and are guaranteed to function exactly like the original parts and are covered against defects by our 1 year warranty.


Do you repair water damaged devices?

Yes, we do.  Please bring it in to one of our locations for diagnostics as soon as possible.

How long does it take to repair a water damaged device?

This can be a difficult question to answer. When a device is submerged in water, several components may become damaged and require to be replaced.  Also, corrosion can build up on the motherboard circuits which would require an extensive treatment for the device.  Because of these factors, repair times can vary between 1-3 days depending on the extent of the damage.  We will always keep you informed on the progress of your repair.


Will repairing my device void the factory warranty?

According to many manufacturers’ warranty policies, the warranty is voided once the device is damaged. Having your device repaired by us may or may not void your factory warranty depending on the nature of the repair and is ultimately determined by the manufacturer.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

All of our repairs come with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.  We stand by our work and guarantee it to be free of any defects.  If we performed a repair on your device and the installed part is not functioning properly, please let us know so we can make it right. Please visit our warranty page for more information.

What does your warranty not cover?

Our warranty does not apply to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes. Please visit our warranty page for more info.


What do you do with the damaged parts and unwanted/abandoned devices?

We feel that repairing is recycling and so we try to be as responsible as possible when disposing of the damaged devices and parts.  If you do not wish to repair your device, we can properly dispose of it for you.

In the event that we cannot reach you via all provided communication options and you do not contact us to claim your device within 90 days, we will proceed to dispose of your device for you.

Do you accept checks or money orders?

At this time we only accept cash and credit and debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover & American Express).